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REVS Certificate

The section below will explain what the REV certificate is in more detail.
What is a REVS Certificate?
A REVs certificate tells you if the car has money owing on it. The certificate protects against repossession, provided you buy the vehicle before midnight that day while the certificate is valid.

REV's is a shortened name for "Register of Encumbered Vehicles".

If the vehicle is encumbered and you complete the purchase, it may be repossessed by the financier, for example a bank, credit union or finance company.
What Australian States does it cover?
REVs certificates can be obtained for vehicles in the following states:
Northern Territory
South Australian
When should a REVS Certificate be purchased?
The certificate must be obtained at the time of sale to guarantee clear title. If this has occurred, and there is finance owing on the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be repossessed.
What information do I need to do a REVS Certificate?
You will require the following information:
Registration number (not mandatory, but recommended)
Registration State (not mandatory, but recommended)
Engine No. (not mandatory, but recommended)
If you have trouble finding these numbers, a mechanic may be able to assist you or call the car's manufacturer. In QLD, the VIN/chassis number will appear on the Registration sticker on the vehicle.

Information about a VIN:
A VIN is 17 characters long.
A VIN does not contain the letter "O". It will be the number zero that appears.
A Vin does not contain the letter "I". It will the number one that appears.
A chassis number is for a vehicle that was manufactured before 1985. A chassis does not have any specified length.
My vehicle is listed as STOLEN, what should I do?
Contact the Office of Fair Trading on their enquiry line (07) 3246 1599 between 8:30am to 4:45pm MON - SAT (TUESDAY 9:30am to 4:45pm).

Their staff will contact the police or the financier involved and then the caller will be contacted with the result. If the vehicle is under police investigation, you should not buy the vehicle until you are certain it has not been stolen.
I have a question about my REVS Certificate, who can I contact?
Contact the Office of Fair Trading on their enquiry line (07) 3246 1599 between 8:30am to 4:45pm MON - SAT (TUESDAY 9:30am to 4:45pm),
Where can I find further information about a REVS Certificate?
More information regarding a REVS Certificate can be found at the Office of Fair Trading's web site.